Jūratės kūryba


Hello, I’m Jūratė Paškevičienė. Born and living in Kaišiadorys, Lithuania. I started painting only recently, since 2013, but I can confidently say that it has become the passion of my life. I don’t have an art degree, therefore my paintings do not contain any teacher’s “stamp”.

Each of my paintings is a distinct emotion, story, quest, a reflection of feelings and mood. I couldn’t replicate that again.

I paint with oil and acrylic paint, and like to use a variety of means to extract texture. I use a high quality canvas, most often the 3D kind. 3D canvas paintings look impressive and do not require a frame.

It would bring me great joy if one of my paintings were to find a place in Your home, not only as an interior decoration, but also as a bringer of warm and colorful mood.

A lot of my paintings have been acquired by art admirers in Lithuania, but also a significant portion has been shipped to various foreign countries – the United States, UK, Chile, Peru, Israel, Norway.

I am also crafting accessories by hand – bracelets, brooches, necklaces, earrings, various pendants.

If you are interested in my artwork or hand-crafted accessories, feel free to contact me. Shipping in Lithuania is free.